An Opportunity to Stop and Reflect

Eight guided meditation moments at 3030 Matlock Rd. Arlington, TX.

1. Enter the buildng lobby and take time to look at the prints on the wall and the stained glass ceiling. Many of the images evoke European symbols of Christianity and chivalry. What truths frame your understanding of the world?

2. Leave the building front doors and turn right twice to walk around the end of the building. You might smell something unpleasant as you walk toward the green grass. What things are leaving an upleasant odor in your soul?

3. Move under the tree and stop next to the small rocks. Breath deep and enjoy the opportunity for pause and rest. What things refresh and renew you in daily life?

4. Walk left along the back of the building just beyond the tree. If it recently rained, you'll see rushing water and trash. If it hasn't the water fall will sit in quiet pools. What running water feeds and cleans you in your journey?

5. Walk a few more yards and look to your right at the patio. Many encouraging parties have been held here by Seed Company staff. Who are the people who enrich your life and challenge you to pursue greater things?

6. Turn around and look out at the water. Is the water still or is their a fountain shooting water into the air? What parts of your life could use moving water? What parts of your life have grown stagnant?

7. Continue toward the other end of the back of the building and stop beneath the pine tree. Look closely at the grass and you'll see rising roots. What things in your life need deeper roots? Who can you seek to help you dig your roots deeper?

8. Continue around the end of the building toward the front. As you walk back the small, green path to the front, what things will you carry with you back out into life that will show love to others?